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Aerations are scheduled in the spring or fall for optimum results and we recommend it be done on a two year cycle. Aeration benefits your lawn by improving drainage, reducing water run-off, improving grass rooting, reducing soil compaction, and over-all health of your lawn.


Fertilizing gives your lawn a balanced feeding for healthy root development and a greener lawn, in addition to controlling broadleaf weeds. University Landscaping will perform the application depending on your needs to ensure your lawn is happy and healthy all year round.


Thatch is a layer of slowly decomposing grass stems, dead roots and debris that accumulates above the soil line and below grass blades.


Dethatching should be done when a thick layer of thatch builds up above the soil line. Water and fertilizer may run off instead of penetrating the soil. Dethatching can help rejuvenate a lawn by restoring passageways to the soil. Dethatching is done by power raking the lawn so fertilizer and water will then penetrate the soil.

Fairy Ring

Fairy Ring is a fungal disease which appears as rings of dark green grass surrounding areas of dead or light colored grass. Grass inside the rings dies because water cannot penetrate the cobwebby surface of the fungus. Fairy Ring develops in soils that contain non-decomposed, woody organic material and can develop in all types of grass. A good lawn maintenance program would be the most effective in keeping fairy ring under control.


The best time of year to prune trees or shrubs depends on the plant species, its condition and reason for pruning. In most cases, corrective pruning of dead/weakened branches or one or two small branches can be done at any time as it will have little effect on the trees growth. Heading, limbing and thinning, however, should be done in late fall or early winter when leaves have dropped. This prevents excessive bleeding, and the wounds will heal quickly when the new growth begins in spring. Pinching, tip pruning and shearing should be done when the shoots are actively growing in the late spring or early summer. In the case of coniferous trees, pruning should be completed before the new shoots have hardened off.